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Let’s celebrate and embrace individuality


Tracatá means woman. This Project was created, designed and developped by a young woman with nothing but her own resources. Tracatá is power, bravery, courage, hope, dreams and passion. It’s about a community created by a woman and dedicated to women, inspired by women, and supported by women. We work and promote the empowerment of women in all its forms where all of you are more than welcomed and where we are better if we are together.
Tracatá is me, is you, and I hope, all of us.

Join us! #TracataSquad

Step on the color!

"I try to apply colors as the words create poems, as notes create music" – Joan Miró.

Colour is attitude, is definitely a vehicle of expression, a mood, an intention and a way of influencing the soul. Colour allows us to reinvent ourselves everyday, go beyond the boundaries of seasonality. Colour allows us to talk without saying nothing, express our deepest emotions and the best and most authentic version of ourselves.

The new Spanish design

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Craft is art

Tracatá is born under a condition: Quality over quantity. We handmade produce every pair, in small quantities, caressing every collection slowly and with love. Thanks to the workshops where our shoes are made, whose resources have nothing to do with the fast-fashion industry, we create every pair as if it was a piece of art. The process is full of colours, textures, smells coming from leather, and of course, of the smiles from people working on it.

Break the stereotypes!

Claude Monet said that colour was his passion, his daily obsession, his joy and his torment. And we can’t feel more identified with his thought. Combining strong colours with passion and craft, we obtained such a bold and authentic project like this.

For us, fashion and life are always together, they can only be understood through a coloured prism. Maybe, it’s time to reconsider our routine and habits, to ask ourselves what’s normal and what’s not. It’s time to challenge the gloomy days, to dress them up and to step on the colour! It’s a simply question of attitude, anything else.